• Your business is growing, and you’re adding staff and new positions

    We can assess the roles needed, and help you find the right people

  • You want employees to achieve the highest level of performance, but you have no measurements

    Let us work with you to define the important measurements for corporate success

  • You want to pay employees competitively

    We will compare your wages to the market so you can retain good employees and attract top talent

  • You want to know why your best employees are leaving

    We can assess your turnover, uncover the underlying issues and recommend solutions

  • You have no idea what employment laws apply to your business

    Let us assist you in the creation of policies and practices that will position you for compliance


About the founder

Deneen Grant has a philosophy about Human Resource Management:

Employees want to contribute to the company’s success. They want to grow, be a part of something important and understand how they fit the big picture. They must work for leaders who can communicate clearly, establish goals, engage, and show an interest in their development. When this happens, the employee and the company succeed.

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  • Training

    Grant Management Consulting customizes every training course to meet the needs of your company.

  • Performance management

    Your performance management systems provide a framework to measure the areas that tie to organizational success.

    Performance management
  • Employee relations

    We will provide consultation in the creation of policies and practices that comply with employment laws.

    Employee relations

Achieving Business Success through People.

Our Mission:

To partner with Senior Leaders, creating a work environment where employees achieve peak performance – ensuring success for the company and the employee.

What we do:

Grant Management Consulting provides experience and expertise to CEO’s, Business Owners, Senior Leaders and Human Resource Executives. We work with the client in a collaborative way to connect the organization’s goals, mission, values and strategies to Human Resource practices in these key areas:

  • Finding and Keeping the Right People
  • Creating an Engaged Corporate Culture
  • Designing a Strategic Workforce Plan
  • Measuring Performance
  • Developing Leaders
  • Growing and Developing Employees
  • Complying with Employment Laws

A company possesses only one truly unique competitive advantage – the employees.